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Serious accidents and personal injury can leave a person with a lot of questions. The best way to get answers is to speak directly with an attorney, which is why Melendez Law offers a free initial case evaluation for each client. You should have the opportunity to discuss your case with an attorney before signing a retainer. Our firm provides just such an opportunity at no cost to you.

We will happily answer any questions that you have and help you understand the next step in the personal injury process. Get started today by reading through the common questions provided below before you consult directly with an attorney from our firm.

Common Personal Injury Questions

Who can file for personal injury?

Anyone who has been injured because of someone else’s negligence or recklessness has the right to file a claim for personal injury. No one should have to pay the consequences for an accident that was not their fault. If you have suffered an injury in a car accident truck accident, or motorcycle accident, or because of product liability or medical malpractice, you can file a claim and fight for the compensation that you deserve.

How much is my claim worth?

It is nearly impossible to determine the exact value of a claim right away. Each individual case involves varying factors such as medical bills, property repairs, lost wages, pain, and suffering. Some of these damages have a set monetary value while others do not. Only an experienced attorney can represent you before the insurance companies to negotiate a fair settlement, or represent you in court to litigate for a fair trial verdict. Melendez Law can ensure that you receive as much compensation as possible for your case.

Will I go to trial?

Melendez Law will work hard to avoid trial and win a fair settlement; however, we also keep one eye toward trial and prepare every case as though it was going to court. By being trial ready at all times, we are always prepared to get the best possible results, whether that is through a settlement or a trial verdict. Speak with an attorney to determine whether or not your case is likely to go to trial.

What do I do after an accident?

The first thing that you should do after an accident is get medical attention. Even if you do not have medical insurance, do not hesitate to get the medical treatment that you need in order to heal quickly. The next thing you should do is hire a lawyer who can ensure that your medical bills and other expenses are covered by the liable party’s insurance. Our firm can fight to prove that your accident was someone else’s fault and that you are fully compensated for your damages.

When should I file my personal injury claim?

The Texas statute of limitations requires individuals to file personal injury claims within two years of their accident. If you wait too long to file a claim, you could lose your chance of recovering any damages you’ve suffered because of another person’s negligence. If you’ve been injured and need to file for personal injury, do it as soon as possible with help from a lawyer from our firm.

What is negligence and how can it affect my case?

Negligence is when a person fails to perform the duties that they should have performed. Negligence is often the cause of serious accidents, such as when a negligent driver fails to pay attention to the road and texts while driving. By establishing negligence in an accident, you can prove that someone else was responsible for your accident and is therefore responsible for your injuries, as well.

What kinds of accident claims does your firm handle?

Melendez Law handles all types of personal injury claims, including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, product liability, nursing home abuse, and wrongful death. No matter what injury you suffered or how it occurred, we can help you get the compensation that you need as long as you were not responsible for your damages.

Why hire a personal injury attorney?

Only a personal injury lawyer will have the experience, knowledge, and respect in the legal community to win fair compensation when you file a claim. You may not be required to hire a lawyer, but without an attorney by your side, you will have little power when facing the big insurance companies in person or in court. An attorney from our firm will give you more power and will raise your chances of maximizing your compensation.

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