Burn Injuries

Are You Suffering from a Burn Injury?

Burn injuries are among the most traumatic injuries that can be suffered. The road to recovery often means medical bills, trauma, emotional stress, and many other costs caused by the injury. You may be entitled to be repaid for those costs in the form of damages, but only an attorney can tell you for sure whether you have a case.

If you have suffered burns as a result of negligence from an employer or property owner, you should consult with an attorney to learn about your legal rights. There are laws requiring that you be kept safe, and if those laws are violated and injury results, a lawyer can help you pursue justice.

Working with an Attorney

When you look for an attorney, you need someone who understands your case and the laws that govern the Austin area. But you also deserve an attorney who really listens to you and ensures that you understand what is going on with your case. At Melendez Law Firm, that’s exactly what you get.

Every Melendez Law Firm attorney lawyer will listen to you and keep you informed. We don’t just pick great lawyers; every attorney that we hire is handpicked to give you the best service.

We also maintain relationships with experts that can provide key evidence in your case. Doctors and specialists can be vital to obtaining justice, and each Melendez Law Firm attorney has worked with these experts.

In addition, we have a bilingual staff, allowing you to communicate with your lawyer using the language that is most comfortable for you. Our staff is well versed in the latest legal technologies, helping your attorney to better serve you.

An Attorney Can Help

When you are the victim of a burn injury, it may seem like help is impossible to find. But with our help, you can focus on recovery. At Melendez Law Firm you can have an initial consultation with a lawyer at no charge. The attorney will discuss your situation and determine whether you might be able to recover damages. You’ll get a better understanding of your legal situation at no charge to you.

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