Construction Accidents

Have you been Injured in a Construction Accident?

If you are injured on the job, there are many legal issues you need to consider.

What kind of compensation could you be entitled to? What about insurance? What about going to court? All of these questions have to be weighed carefully, and without the guidance of a good attorney, the answers can be hard to come by.

Speak with a Lawyer

Melendez Law Firm has the lawyers you need to help understand your rights. We can connect you with an attorney who will listen carefully to your situation and be able to answer your questions.

Every attorney that we hire is carefully chosen for excellent knowledge of Austin’s particular legal codes and court judicial precedents, which differ from those found anywhere else within the state of Texas.

We also choose attorneys based on time spent living in the city. We want to be sure they understand the location of the accident and the context of it within Austin itself. Because every lawyer is local, you get the best possible representations.

Our staff is also bilingual. We understand how difficult it can be to communicate with an attorney when you’re trying to speak another language, so our attorneys can speak with you using the language you are most comfortable with. Our office offers full technological integration for advanced record keeping and easy data retrieval, helping your attorney answer your questions efficiently.

Free Initial Consultations on Your Case

We understand how stressful your life becomes after a traumatic construction accident. To help relieve your stress, we offer a free initial consultation with an attorney from our staff. During this consultation, the attorney will listen to the details of your situation and then provide advice.

You’ll learn what legal option is best to pursue, and what kind of case you might be building. You’ll also get a chance to ask any questions you might have about your situation. To get started today, fill out our contact form or call us. We will be happy to set up your free consultation and help you get on the road to physical and financial recovery from your accident.

Been Injured in An Accident?

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