Civil Rights

Melendez Law Firm Fights for your Rights

Our country has made great strides in combating unfair hiring practices, hate crimes, and other civil rights violations. But sadly, there are still many cases that come before Austin courts every year. If your civil rights have been violated, it can be difficult to know where to turn – you may even be afraid of further actions against you, or further discriminatory practices.

But at Melendez Law Firm, we can help you fight back against the people who broke the law and violated your rights. Every civil rights attorney on our team will fight tirelessly to ensure that you receive justice.

The Tragedy of Civil Rights Violations

In a country as diverse as the United States and a city as diverse as Austin, many different people interact every day. The majority of these people respect each other, and even celebrate their differences. But to some, different is scary – and threatening. They treat others unfairly, hire based on race, gender, or identity rather than skill, and may even inflict physical harm or death. If you or a loved one have been a victim of discrimination or a hate crime, you need an attorney with the experience and work ethic to get the damages you are entitled to claim.

Melendez Law Firm understands the struggles that minorities and the underrepresented face. We have been standing up and fighting for civil rights for years, and every attorney on our staff is committed to justice. We are determined to protect your rights, and to help you claim what you are entitled to if your rights are violated.

To see whether you have a case, contact us using our contact form, or call us. A civil rights attorney from our staff will get back to you and arrange a free, no obligation consultation session to discuss your situation. Once your attorney knows more about the infringement on your rights, we can know how to help you, and you’ll know more about the laws that protect you.

A Civil Rights Attorney to Fight for You

When you work with a civil rights attorney from our firm, we aim to bring you the best service possible. We choose only the best attorneys with knowledge of local legal code and area judicial precedent.

We also maintain a technologically up to date office, allowing us to have the best information recall and service during all of your meetings with our attorneys. Fill out our contact form and start working toward justice today.

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